Monthly Accounting &

Payroll Package


What is transaction?

The transaction is counted based on the withdrawal and deposit lines from your bank statements.

What if the transaction is not within our range?

It will be $40 for every 10 transactions.

For example you have an average 65 transactions, per month and your company is not GST registered company, your monthly fee will be $480 ($400 + $40 (51-60 transactions) + $40 (61-70 transactions)).

Otherwise, fill up the form below.

We have more than one currency bank accounts

There is an additional $20/month charges from each package for multi-currency account.

What if I have employee more than 10 but interested on the package

Any additional staff will be calculated based on the pricing table from 11 pax onwards at Payroll Services page.

I have less than 10 employee, can I take the package

Yes you can. The payroll headcount is up to 10 pax for this package.

You may also check the pricing table from the Accounting Service and Payroll Service, mix and match and check which pricing is more cost effective for you.

When can I cancel the services?

We require you to provide 1 month notice in advance.

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