Accounting + Secretary
+ Taxation Packages

Services included:

  • Monthly recording of accounting entries
  • Monthly profit and loss & balance sheet
  • Preparation of unaudited financial statements
  • Basic Corporate Secretarial Service (annual filing & routine director resolutions and minutes to approve financial statements)
  • Submission of ECI
  • Tax computation and Form C-S
  • Additional $50/month if your company is GST Registered (inclusive of quarterly GST submission)


  1. There is an additional of $20/month if you have multi-currencies.
  2. Top up $150 yearly if you want to upgrade to unlimited secretary service.
  3. Top up $100 yearly if your company tax filing is with Form C.
  4. Additional $450 yearly for preparation of full set XBRL.
Transactions Fees
1 to 10 $150
11 to 30 $230
31 to 70 $375
71 to 100 $470
101 to 150 $570
151 to 250 $700
251 to 400 $870
> 400 Ask Us





What is transaction

The transaction is counted based on the withdrawal and deposit lines from your bank statements.

We have more than one currency bank accounts

There is an additional $20/month charges from each package for multi-currency account.

What if the transaction is not within our range?

If there are transactions more than 400, fill up the form and we will provide a custom quote for you.

What if my company has to file Form C tax filing?

There will be an additional charge of $100 upon the submission of annual tax filing.

When can I cancel the services?

We require you to provide 1 month notice in advance.

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