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Are you looking for a responsive, professional and affordable payroll services provider for your company? Then worry no more because you’re in the right place. Here, we offer a range of comprehensive services that can precisely meet your payroll needs and expected queries.

If your in-house payroll department is consuming a lot of time and money without producing the desired performance results, we can help streamline things for you. Our aim is to take up all the non-core payroll tasks of your firm, so that you focus your energies on your core competencies as an employer.

Our Payroll Services

What do you expect from us

  • Monthly payroll processing including Overtime, Bonus, Staff claims reimbursements.
  • Monthly Payroll report with detailed listing
  • CPF submission to CPF Board
  • AIS submission to IRAS including IR21 tax clearance
  • Submission of government leave claims
  • Staff leave management
Our Service Descriptions
Maintain Payroll Records

Our company uses a cloud payroll software to calculate actual employee salaries and deductions, all while ensuring the relevant files are maintained both online and in form of hard copies. The files will usually capture such things as basic salary, overtimes, bonuses, sales commission, unpaid leave deductions, reimbursement, director fee etc.

We also keep a record of join date and termination date of the employees. Our system is also compliant to the Singapore Employment Act’s statutory terms, requirements and contributions.

Calculating and Maintaining Monthly Statutory Contributions We ensure all statutory contributions such as Central Provident Fund (CPF) are declared prior the 14th of the following month. Our workforce ensures all relevant payments and/or contributions are submitted properly as per the law and regulation.
Generating GIRO Bank Files Through our payroll service, we ensure all employee salaries are fully remitted to respective bank accounts through GIRO transfers. And with all the payroll info at our disposal, we can easily generate and download GIRO files for you to upload the salary in bulk to your bank portal account.
Publishing Payslips Once the payroll has been properly approved, we will proceed to publish payslips for your employees to view and then finalize or lock the pay period, where no further changes will be made. Employee can easily view or download the payslip by logging in their payroll system with their laptop or mobile.
Providing Monthly Payroll Reporting Preparation of payroll summary and detailed reports is core among our services. The Report details contained gross salary, overtime, allowances, unpaid leave, deductions, reimbursements, employee and employer CPF and Net Payable Salary for you to check before we finalise the payroll.
Submission of AIS and IR21 tax clearance

Filing of IR8A is a major part of the payroll service. In this case, we prepare the submission of AIS, distribute IR8A forms to all employees and subsequently submit to IRAS by every February of the following year.

Any termination of contract for your foreign employee has to be filed with IR21 tax clearance too. Client has to inform us during the confirmation of the termination of contract for us to prepare the IR21 to IRAS. The final tax clearance will be deducted together with the final pay.

Submission of Government Leave Claim

Preparing the Government Leave claim such as Childcare leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and National Service Claim is time-consuming. You need to prepare the gross salary, CPF employer paid for the month, birth certificate for the childcare leave claim and NS documents.

Leave Management

We use cloud leave management system which can sync to our payroll system which makes the unpaid leave calculation easier. Our system allows you to differentiate it by departments and able to assign each department manager to approve the leave by their own department staff. You may also customise the leave based on your company policy.


Payroll Monthly Fee

Monthly Deliverables:

  • Monthly payroll processing including overtime, staff claim reimbursement, director fee, no pay leave, etc
  • Segregate by department or region (optional)
  • Generate a GIRO upload bank file
  • Generate monthly payroll report
  • Monthly submission of CPF
  • Submission of IR21 tax clearance for Pass Holder
  • Yearly AIS submission (IR8A)


  1. We do not assist client to pay the salary on behalf of the company and reimburse subsequently.
  2. Any telegraph transfer has to be prepared by client.
  3. We do not provide staff claim system but you can provide a listing of the claims to be added in the payroll processing.


Headcounts Monthly Fee One Time
Setup Fee
1 – 5 $75 $100
6 – 10 $15 / pax $100
11 – 30 $14 / pax $120
31 – 40 $550 $220
41 – 50 $680 $270
51 – 60 $800 $320
61 – 70 $910 $360
71 – 80 $1,050 $420
81 – 90 $1,200 $480
91 – 120 $1,400 $560
121 – 140 $1,500 $600
141 – 170 $1,600 $640
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You can consider to add on our staff claim system with additional $3/pax. Click here to understand more about our system.

Leave Management System

This service is added together with the payroll service. Extra charges is required if you just need the leave management system only.

Service Includes

  • Set up and configure leave entitlement based on your company policies
  • Brought forward the leave balance.
  • Assign leave approver by department up to 2-tier leave approval structure
  • A standard guideline will be provided to the admin staff to self learn the system. If you need us to train you, additional cost will be incurred.

One-time Implementation Cost: $300

Ad Hoc Charges

Appendix 8A Preparation

$50 / pax*

*client to provide information

Staff Claim System

$3 / pax**

**with monthly payroll service

Government Leave Claim

$5 / pax

In House Training

$200-$400 (up to 4 hours)

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Accounting & Payroll Packages

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Sample of Monthly Payroll Report

We can customise the payroll report based on cost centre or department name.

Sample of Payroll Summary Report

Sample of Payroll Detailed Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Explanation

Our minimum monthly fee charges is $75 (up to 5 pax) and subsequent $15/pax from 6 to 10 headcounts.

For headcounts more than 30, the price will be fixed based on the price range provided at the above pricing table.

For example if your company has 69 headcount during the first month, the monthly fee will be $910. If your company has increased the headcount to 71 in the following month, the monthly fee will be charged at $1,050.

What does Government Leave Claim Means

We assist the company to submit the leave claim such as childcare leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and NS claim.

How to use the Leave Management System?

We will first discuss with the HR Manager on the company policies before we configure the leave setting. We will send you a manual guide for the employee to follow the instruction to activate the accounts, apply leave, cancel leave and the managers to approve the leave.

If you need us to train you at your premises, there will be additional charge for the training fee from $400 up to 4 hours. We will only conduct the training to the HR Manager or Administrator who will have the Admin Access to the Leave Management System.

What is the One Time Setup Fee?

It is for us to set up the employee profile in our payroll system. We also need to include all the past payroll record for us to get ready for the year end IR8A preparation.

How do we start if we change from another service provider to your company?

As a service provider, we want to use our own cloud payroll system to process the payroll.

Step 1:
We will provide you a template for you to fill up the employee details such as NRIC, Gross Salary, Fixed allowance, NRIC, Birth Date, Bank Account Number etc. If you are using a payroll system, kindly just download the report in excel, and you may copy and paste the details based on the header of our template.

Step 2:
If the service starts from January of the year, your job is done for the implementation.

If the services starts after January of the year, we need the past monthly payroll summary for us record in our system. This will enhance our process mainly for the year end AIS submission.

How does the Appendix 8A work?

Any benefits-in-kind provided by the company such as rental, utilities, home leave, school fee borne by the company, please help to provide the details based on 12 months basis. We will consolidate the information and submit the Appendix 8A to IRAS together with the IR8A (AIS) or IR21 Tax clearance.

Any hidden cost?

The pricings are nett amount including the additional charges which as already explained in the ad hoc charges. Feel free to check with us to get quote for confirmation.

When can I cancel the service?

Give us one month notice in advance and agree the condition before you terminate the service with us.

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