Xero Accounting

Go Digital! Forget manual bookkeeping

Xero is one of the top accounting software in the market today. Providing cloud-based solutions that are even tied to mobile devices, the software has brought efficiency, reliability and flexibility in the world of accounting and bookkeeping. That’s why most of Singaporean firms and companies have massively incorporated the software in their accounting practices.

Xero basically suitable for small to medium-size business but has features that are suitable for bigger organizations too. So, regardless of the size of your business, you’ve got your needs covered. The guide below will breakdown the features of the software, highlight its features and lay bare its benefits.

What the Software Does

Xero is a financial collaboration app that’s designed to meet the requirements of all types of businesses, regardless of their industry. With a friendly and usable platform, the app collates only top notch features that help close important gaps in accounting. Xero is easy to manage, even for those with little or no accounting knowledge, because the financial concepts (both standardized and complex) have all been made enjoyable.

Key Features at a Glance

Xero comes with lots of features that can be apt for your accounting needs. Some of the main ones include the following:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Expense claims
  • Financial reports
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Fixed assets
  • Purchase orders


Easy Setup

Setting up Xero requires no overtime or complex trainings. You can use the software’s Express Setup feature by entering key company and financial details, connecting your bank accounts, entering your opening balances and inviting your Xero Advisor into the organization. You are also navigate the Xero Central to get accurate guide to resolve the process which you are not familiar with.

Simplified Transactions

Xero configuration allows users to edit purchase files within seconds and enjoy multiple-approval model as well as two-factor authentication, something that minimizes financial fraud. The software also makes it easier to control purchase orders and categorize invoices (either as drafted, pending approval, delayed or awaiting payment). The system further keeps a detailed list of actions performed, at what date, by which user and the manual notes generated. This makes keeping track of all transactions way easier.

Real-Time Updates on Cash Position

Getting daily updates from your bank accounts is real-time with this software. You can view all bank statements balance if your bank accounts are with DBS, UOB, HSBC and OCBC (coming soon).

Xero financial reporting is particularly helpful as it summarizes the effects of all the activities performed in the system. Further standard reports like balance sheets, cash flow records and income statements can be tailored to your needs when pulling them from the system. You can also customize the balance sheet and profit and loss format based on your company needs.

Convenience Running Business Anywhere

With the Xero app, you can literally access your finances from anywhere and at any time. As long as you have an internet-connected device like phone, tablet or computer, you can log into the system and check the accounting info or financial updates you need to.

You can issue an invoice with your mobile app, send the invoice to your customer either email, whatsapp, telegram or any other social media platform. If you have connected to the payment gateway such as paypal or stripe, you can get your customer to pay instantly without further delay.

Popular Features to Go Digital

Easy Invoicing

Create recurring invoice and email within the same tool.

Go Mobile

Xero Apps works with iOS, Android and tablets


Exchange rate updated automatically.

Attach Files

Upload supporting documents when creating bills and invoices.

Customized Report

Reformat the balance sheet and Income Statement based on internal reporting format

GST Report

Ready made GST report format sync with IRAS GST F5.

Pay Instantly

Integrate payment gateway with the e-invoice and get paid immediately

Connect Bank

Daily update bank statement details from UOB, DBS, HSBC and OCBC.

Find and Recode

Do correction for multiple incorrect account code, tracking category and tax at once

Connect Xero to Xero

Connect with other Xero organisation to automate the invoices and bills

Tracking categories

Differentiate your branches, project names or products for your monthly reporting

Assign Projects

Track your projects by categorized invoices to check the profitability of each projects.


Setup New Xero Account


  • Set up Chart of Accounts or provide your existing Chart of Account
  • Setup your organisation details
  • Connect your DBS, UOB, HSBC or OCBC to bank feed
  • Setup tracking categories
  • Configure invoices, credit notes & statement template
  • Limit to 1 set of custom invoice, credit notes & statement templates, if any
  • Assign team member(s) login
  • Customisation of profit and loss format
  • brought forward opening balance such as trial balance, bank accounts, trade debtors and creditors (additional cost incurred).

Setup Xero and Training


  • Same as Setup New Xero Account
  • Training is conducted by Certified Xero Advisor after setting up of Xero Account.
  • 4 hours session
  • Fast track private session to walkthrough all modules
  • Live exercise to record the documents
  • One month support after training and limited by 4 email reply.

Setup Xero, Training and 6 months Support


  • Same as Setup Xero and Training
  • We will provide support for any Xero issues. All questions has to be raised by email for easy tracking purposes.

Note: We only reply to the participant(s) who was trained by us. 

Looking for Outsourced bookkeeping service?

We are providing monthly bookkeeping services with Xero Accounting Software and all of our staff is Certified Xero Advisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your training cover?

We cover all modules such as sales, purchase, inventory, fixed assets, bank reconciliations, reports and some other functions.

Are there any other cost?

Yes. We will only cover the training cost. There will be monthly subscription charged by Xero. It will be USD30/month for standard subscription or USD40/month for multi-currencies subscription. The monthly subscription has to be paid by client.

Are you going to train us how to setup the Xero Account?

No. We will setup the accounts for you including carrying forward the opening balance. We will only cover the training for all modules other than the setup process.

Where is the training conducted?

At your premises. We just need half a day of your time on the training.